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Our thanks to the many friends and supporters who have contributed with donations, various services and support in the creation of Meentheena.


As Meentheena is a non-government/not for profit organisation any donations offered would be greatly appreciated.

Medical Items

The following is a “wish list” of items required to set up the Medical Room, we are approaching some Private Hospitals and medical suppliers for assistance, however if anyone can help in procuring any of the items on this list, we would be extremely grateful.

  • Oxygen bottle and fittings
  • Simple instruments:
    • Small First Aid Kits for vehicles
    • Splints
    • Neck brace
    • Bandages
    • Sterile dressings
    • Slings
    • Leg and arm supports
  • Medical disinfectant
  • Hand wash
  • Any general expendable medical goods such as band-aids and the like
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