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Meentheena Veterans Retreat is dedicated to those who have served in the Australian military forces, as well as para-military veterans who have served in peace-keeping roles, police, fire and rescue, ambulance officers and state emergency service volunteers.
Situated in the heart of the Pilbara in Western Australia, Meentheena has so many things to offer for those who have an appreciation for wide open spaces, rugged and colourful landscapes, pristine billabongs, beautiful flora and fauna, stunning sunsets and the kind of silence that can only be found in the outback.

Gday Mate, I just want to let you know that I just spent the last couple of days at the retreat with my son in law Steve who lives in Newman and told me there was a retreat out this way so I had to check it out even though the roads were closed we got out there. I have visited many of the retreats Australia wide and this would have to be one of the best I have been to, Dicky Bligh made us feel so welcome and could not do enough for us the man is a credit to your association. I am a committee member of the Townsville TPI association and I will make sure I will give you blokes a good plug in our monthly bugle. It is good to go to a retreat and not get the cold shoulder because you are not a Vietnam Vet as what happens at a lot of the retreats unfortunately. We all did our bit and deserve to be treated equally. Your association is a credit and asset to all veteran associations. I will be back in July and will come for a 7 day visit this time it is worth the 500 km round trip. Give Dicky Bligh a pat on the back for me mate, thanks for the great time.

Cheers Greg 8/9 RAR.



To those who have served, returned... Fighting mental demons.
Know we love you, beautiful. We hear you...
You're not forgotten. Don't give up, my love.


If I was to leave this earth tomorrow
Know I never gave up on you…

I’m sorry if it seems like now I’m giving up on myself.
I fought for my country, for you…
My love, my purpose lives on in spirit, in these words…
Know that.
Hold them close to your heart…

I lay my life down before you… for others.
Because I believe in you.
This country.
I love you.

I push beyond the fear…
Embracing adrenaline to get me through.
I push beyond the tears…
The missing you…
The wanting to be with you…
Like it was before I left to fight this war.
Because it’s for you, who gave me love and freedom…
That I chose to sacrifice.

Beautiful, I’m home now.

But I’m different.

Things have changed.

I don’t know who I am anymore.

Every emotion hurts.

And I’ve declared war on my thoughts and emotions now… on myself.

Hiding seems like my only choice.

But there’s nowhere to hide.

Nowhere feels safe.

"In early June, 2012 we visited Meentheena Veterans Retreat and Marble Bar.  Our trip was timed to coincide with the annual Marble Bar Races and also the official opening day of Meentheena Veterans Retreat on Sunday July 8, 2012.  The weather was pleasant at this time of the year, not too hot with most days in the mid to high twenties.  Meentheena Station has lots to see and explore, with plenty of opportunity to photograph the scenery and wildlife.  Marble Bar town, The Bar itself and Chinaman’s Pool are all worth a visit.  Comet Gold Mine and Tourist Centre was very interesting and if you have the time Carrawine Gorge, 97 kms from Meentheena was a highlight of the trip.  We enjoyed the Marble Bar Races, the major event of the year for the locals and visitors from far afield.

The Pilbara countryside is unique and all in all we enjoyed our trip very much."


Neil & Linda MacPherson


The nightmares.
The anxiety.
On edge.
My body shaking.
I know you look at me, confused, wounded.

I wish I could tell you what I want from you when you ask me how you can help.
But I don’t know myself.

I miss the comfort, the love, the happiness, the joy we once shared.

Laying together, our arms around each other… the bliss of that.

I feel like I left that, and lost that, in hells playground.

I’ll try, to the best of my ability, to find that again within me… and for us.
Please be patient.
I do love you.
I’m just not sure how to express that at the moment.

But know…
Deep down, I ache for my own uprising…
For us to rise and be together…
In what feels like a dream.
The incredible life we both once spoke of with excitement.

Free from the pain.

For the peace that I wanted to bring to others…
I now yearn for… for myself.

If I was to leave this earth tomorrow
Know I never gave up on you.
But know, in this moment, I’m fighting for my life…
And for you, my love.

I long for the day you see the beauty in me again, like I see in you now.

By Mandy Gibbons




GPS Location:   120,27'21" E ,   21,16S

Mailing Address: PO Box 2 Marble Bar, WA, 6760

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