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This rugged country is waiting for you to explore, set up camp alongside a billabong, fish in the morning for crafty catfish, swim during the heat of the day or just relax in the shade of the trees overhanging the water.

Sit on a hill and watch the sunrise or sunset - they are always incredible.  You need to look for the flora but you will be rewarded when you come across the various plants and wildflowers found in the region.  Fossicking for gemstones and gold panning is a favourite past-time and we are told that rough diamonds have been found in the area (check out the river beds).

If you plan to go walking, don't go alone but enjoy the company of friends as you quietly wander along the billabongs and check out the myriad of birds and wildlife and don't forget to take a water supply with you.

Feral donkeys and all animals are protected.  The local cattle will walk through your camp at any time they feel like a drink and are not really alarmed by visitors - please use your common sense and be alert at all times.
We have four (4) small kayaks at the Main Camp available for use by visitors at the various billabongs and creek systems.  They can be used at your own risk and if parents allow their children to use them, they are to supervise them accordingly.  Paddling through the area affords great scenery and a chance to see bird and wildlife at its best.

Listen to the silence... Breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh air.  The early morning bird songs are a treat.  Billabong water is not recommended for drinking without boiling first.  Drinking water is available without cost at the Main Camp.

The environment is extreme outback, wild and pristine but you do need to remain aware as the environment can be challenging and incredibly dangerous for the unwary - please take care.

We do ask that when exploring the area, that you notify the Camp Hosts of your destination and expected time of return. This aids in recovery should the unforeseen happen. 


Marble Bar Races

Further Regional Activities yet to be added.
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