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Mobile Phone Coverage

It is important for travellers to check mobile phone coverage as some areas within Australia are only accessible using satellite phones.
Given the geographic factors, and the relatively sparse populations in many regional areas, there will always be large areas of Australia that do not receive terrestrial-based mobile phone coverage, in fact 80% of the country does not have access to mobile phone coverage.
In areas that are sparsely populated or have little passing traffic, the only commercially viable option for mobile phone services is via satellite. Satellite mobile phone services cover the entire Australian landmass and population and are available from a number of providers. There is mobile coverage available at the Main Camp (Telstra only). Connection is slow and spasmodic. Be patient. 

Cyclones in the North West

Tropical cyclones are a natural hazard that can cause considerable damage. They are a feature of the weather and climate in Australia’s North West and can occur throughout the wet season in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. Should there be a cyclone alert during your stay, you should be aware of the following procedures.
Blue Alert
A cyclone has formed and may affect the area within 48 hours,
precautions should be taken.​
Yellow Alert
The cyclone is moving closer to the area and is likely to affect
the area within 12 hours, residents should take action.

Red Alert
A cyclone is imminent. Destructive winds are likely to occur soon,
go immediately to adequate shelter.
Cyclone warnings are broadcast on local radio stations,
or telephone 1300 659 210.


Snake Bites

Any suspected snake bite must be treated with immediate First Aid, (pressure bandage and immobilization technique) and transported to hospital - urgently! Call the RFDS. See more on snake bites here

​Cover and wrap the affected snake bite area as shown above.
Continue wrapping the entire affected limb and apply a splint, as shown above.
This is called the pressure immobilization technique.

Bone Fracture or Sprain

Bandage the suspected fracture or sprain securely. Splint if a fracture is suspected. Seek medical assistance urgently. 
All visitors must carry water at all times, and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. DO NOT leave camp without water. 

Medication Requirements

Please be sure to have sufficient medication for your stay. There is very limited medical assistance in Marble Bar, with the nearest hospital being in Port Hedland. 
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