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Meentheena has the following amenities available for visitors:
Main camp has 24 hour solar/battery/generator power (not available for caravan hookup), potable drinking water from the dedicated tap in the Club House, showers and toilet facilities.  Shade for caravans/campers or tents.  Large areas to move or camp out of the way and avoid everyone (if that's what you want).  If not feeling well and need some air conditioned comfort, settle down in an ensuite donga.  If you need to work on your car or caravan, you can park in the open work shed and do your work.  There is a Camp Kitchen/ Club House with wash-up and cooking facilities with refrigeration available. Phones and small appliances can be recharged in the Club House. 
​*   Water storage 40,000 litres
*   Self-composting toilets
*   Solar power with batteries and generator
*   Limited donga accommodation
*   Shaded areas
*   Storage containers, etc..
*   Camp Sites & Caravan sites - Non Powered sites only 
Excellent camp sites are available on the banks of the Nullagine River (4 wheel drive access) and will be allocated by the Camp Host.
There is a composting toilet at Paperbarks. Please do not empty chemical toilets into this system, nor drop napkins, nappies etc into the toilets. They will not breakdown. The chemicals in these products will stop the system from working. 
There are no facilities at Tranquility or Pelican Pool sites and what you bring in with you must be taken out on exiting the property.
​Small contained fires are allowed, however the site itself is to be left in pristine condition upon your departure.
There is limited Telstra mobile phone coverage, check with the Camp Host. ​
Toilet waste and rubbish needs to be removed from Meentheena.  There is a disposal point at Marble Bar. 
There are no rubbish facilities at the camp and as such all rubbish is to be disposed of appropriately off site.
CARING FOR MEENTHEENA   [Rules and Regulations]
As the area is a proposed Conservation Park, all Members are to comply with the following rules:
*   Dogs are permitted at Meentheena so long as they are an approved assistance dog.
*   Firearms are not permitted.
*   All wildlife (flora and fauna) is protected.
*   No collection of firewood is permitted, however a supply is available at Main Camp site (see Camp Host).
*   No excavation or damage to or removal of plants, (flora and fauna), dead or alive is permitted.
*   Toilet waste and rubbish is to be contained and removed from Meentheena.
*   There is a disposal point at Marble Bar.
*   There is no rubbish facility at the camp and all rubbish is to be disposed of appropriately from the property.
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