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Royal Flying Doctor Service

The RFDS visited Meentheena in 2014 and provided RFDS Medical Chests (for remote locations) as well as giving instructions to the Caretaker and a committee person regarding the treatment of patients in conjunction with the RFDS emergency and medical consultation telephone service. Most of the Committee were on site with a working party so we all participated in the discussions and training.
We would like to thank Ms Ceinwen Rataj, Nurse, and Mr Rob Hop, Pilot, for visiting us and staying overnight. We were really impressed with their presentations and training, together with their positive attitude and the ability to “fit in” with a bunch of grey haired old war veterans, professionally and socially. We all very much appreciated the visit and everyone remarked on the value of the information given which encouraged us as a committee to be more aware of our “duty of care”  and ongoing responsibilities.
As a result of the visit, the committee realised that, as a priority, we should establish a Medical Room to look after our members who may suffer illness and/or accidents while visiting. We have designated the end room of our four room donga for this purpose, the room is air conditioned, with an en-suite and refrigerator.  Further to this we will be installing a ramp for wheelchair and stretcher access.
The following is a “wish list” of items required to set up the Medical Room, we are approaching some Private Hospitals and medical suppliers for assistance, however if anyone can help in procuring any of the items on this list, we would be extremely grateful.


Oxygen bottle and fittings
Simple instruments:
  • Splints
  • Bandages and the like for simple cuts and scratches
  • Small First-Aid Kits for vehicles
  • Neck brace
  • Bandages
  • Sterile dressings
  • Slings
  • Leg and arm supports
Medical disinfectant
Hand wash
We are now able to take advantage of the RFDS emergency medical services, medicines, and first aid items as well as having direct communication with emergency medical practitioners per telephone, in caring for ill or injured people.
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