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​MAY 2021
Since the last report below, Camp Host quarters have been installed and improvements to the Camp Kitchen/Cook House, including an office from which to operate the camp. Lawns have been extended and the camp is very comfortable. 
Hosting is carried out by volunteers often for 1 or 2 month periods. If you can assist with this, please contact the Secretary on 0427 689 028. Duties are light and enables you to enjoy the benefits of Meentheena at your leisure. 
APRIL 2016
As you can see there have been no reports on our progress for the past year or so due to our committee being too busy to report on, but were actually doing the work.  Since the last report we have come along in leaps and bounds.
We have erected a 10 metre plus antenna which affords us mobile telephone and wifi for computer coverage at the Main Camp site.
The three shade frames we have installed for shaded area for caravans will be fully covered hopefully during our next work party.
The area between our two sea containers has had a roof frame put in place and has been partially roofed giving shade for vehicles etc.
The main hut has had the full floor cemented (a major project as it was all dirt previously), the walls enclosed and lined, a ceiling installed and insulated and also an area enclosed and used as an office.
The kitchen area has been tiled with hot and cold water connected at the sink.
A 125,000 litre rainwater tank has been donated and installed (now waiting for rain to fill it).
We have been granted monies for Veterans' Affairs to provide and install a disabled ablution block.  This will be done with any luck in about August 2016.
The trees that have been planted are going well - being native, it will be a few more years till they become tall enough to park vehicles etc. under. 
We have installed a small pergola covered in shade cloth under a couple of large white gums.  This is a great place to have Happy Hour of an evening, to tell each other stories/lies and nothing but the truth, hahaha.
The small laundry has been extended where guests can do their laundry for a gold coin donation.
During this time, we have had a couple of very dedicated Camp Hosts who should be very proud of their efforts as the camp is looking great.  There are always things to be done and existing systems tweaked.  We are intending to have two (2) more work parties later on this year and we will update this section when they happen.
All in all, it's a great place to spend time, unwind and enjoy life.
APRIL 2013
The recent work party completed many projects that have been in the planning stages for several months. 
We saw the completion of the shower block with a washing machine area along side. 
Three 6mtr x 6mtr shade structures were constructed with one being completed with roof (the remaining two will be completed in late June) 
The vehicles were both serviced and the general area around the camp site saw a big clean up with all building materials relocated to an area beyond the donga out of sight. 
Holes were prepared for the five flag poles and a clothes line was installed adjacent to the donga.
The large shed had some fire damage repaired and two bays were sheeted with iron making it more pleasant from the elements - a very enjoyable two weeks.
MARCH 2013
The last 12 months has seen the installation of the Solar Power Unit which was a huge task as part of the roof which housed most of the North facing Solar Panels did not exist. The roof was constructed and the Camp Site now has its own power.
The working party also connected the Dongar to the septic system and we are now able to offer limited ensuite accommodation.
The upcoming working party will be focusing on creating shade structures for caravans and building a shower block for general use.  Work will also be undertaken to carry out repairs to the big shed which was damaged in the storms.  Renovations will also be carried out to the old homestead house which is used by the site's Camp Host.
The many trees which have been planted in and around the Camp Site , are flourishing.​​​
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